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"We do our best to grow the best, and we utilize many sources to keep excellent food on the tables".

Our Philosophy

The food at Farmer's Table is based on a few simple ideas. Use fresh ingredients from reliable and responsible sources, grow or raise them whenever possible, and prepare them using time-tested techniques, all the while striving for perfection in the execution of these techniques. Our food is made to order. All of it. There is no steam table or microwave in the kitchen. We avoid over-refined foods, unnecessary additives, and excessive packaging that is often part and parcel of the foods that are abundant in our stores. We are associated with no cause but the cause of good food and being good stewards of nature is the single best way to assure we will always have wonderful food to astound our senses.

I have been a chef most of my adult life and have been growing my own food for as long. Although "Farm to Table" dining is a relatively new trend, I know no other way. It's the way I have always done it, so it is the norm, not the exception. Our menu does not include the usual buzzwords. Organic, free range, sustainable, local, pastured, artisan, multiple farm names, or list of sources unless it's necessary to describe the dish. It becomes tedious and almost everything on the menu would have two or three of these designations. If you would like information about any of the food just ask.

During the season we grow vegetables organically in our garden in Pound Ridge. This is the food we eat, serve to our friends and family, and use at the restaurant. It is safe, clean and very fresh. As you may already know my brother John owns and operates John Boy's Farm. John raises all natural beef, pork, chickens, ducks, and vegetables on 180 acres in Cambridge, NY, and is one of many sources that we use to stock our kitchen. Very few restaurants have the ability to supply themselves first hand. I am grateful to my mom and dad for those gardens we had as children and for giving me the place to sow the seeds that grow into our dishes.

We are but a small part of a vibrant community of chefs and farmers that have the same philosophy about food and if we don't grow it or raise it personally, there is a trusted source, friend or farmer that does. In other words we do our best to grow the best, and we utilize many sources to keep excellent food on the tables. Not everything is local, it can't be. Not everything is organic, and frankly that would require us to lower our standards. Are we perfect? No. But we eat with you, and we care greatly about the food we eat.

Chef / Owner: Robert Ubaldo

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"The Farmer’s Table has earned perfect or near-perfect marks from health inspectors since it opened on Forest Street in 2010, records show."

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